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lol, sick shit bro. I may not make hip-hop style music, techno being more my style, but I dig your shit. And this shits hilarious. 5'd 10'd and DL'd. keep up n***a.


Cajete responds:

Thanks man, just doing me, bringing shit to light. I appreciate the love homie.


Nice :)

I always been a fan of yours...lol. keep it up man, i can feel the truth and the emotion pour out of your music, which is sayin something, cuz i dont feel it often from others, lol, but over the years, its like you figured out how to make the emotion and the truth pop out every single time. good looks man.

Cajete responds:

Thank you... I'm glad you see it that way. I've always thought music should be a way to convey emotion, thoughts, and perspective. If a song doesn't mean anything, the listeners can't connect.


I remember when i was a kid in middle school, we would play a song in the band called blue moon or something, I don't remember what it was called, none the less, our teacher would play the song for us to gain an understanding of what it was supposed to sound like. As I sat there listening to the music, I would close my eyes and the strangest things would come to mind, I would picture waging wars in space, or the moon becoming the new home for humanity. To this day, I still have that ability, when I close my eyes, and i listen to this song, I can see happiness, a family bringing home their new born child. I can aslo see sadness, the image of death. I guess what I'm trying to say, is that those that feel things from music, or picture happiness or sadness, really depends on what their heart is feeling at the time. For me, its more of a sad moment, considering I lost the love of my life to someone else. But don't pity me for my endeavors. This is a nice piece of music, even if it is left the way it was written, and not expounded upon. I love it none the less. Keep up the good work.

Wolftacular responds:

That's cool you've got that ability. And I'm glad you can picture stuff with my song too! =) Good to hear you like the simplicity of it.

Thanks for the review! =D


....This sounds AMAZING!!! I would love to hear a longer version of this. That would be EPIC!!! I love how it goes from 16-bit-ish sounds to a more modern feeling, you pulled this off, not many ppl can do that.

kjhsdgf responds:

sir, i'm blushing.

wow, its not everyday......

.....I get to hear a tribute to the Legendary Cajete. keep it up man. shits hard. ima be sure to put this on a cd for my car HAHAHA!!!


Fury responds:

In the old days there was 3 :D.Reven Cajete and Me. Me and CJ always did collabs, Let me know if this blows your car speakers haha :D



keep it up man, this is epic. also a friend and i are writing a short film machinima using halo 3, and was wondering if it would be ok with you to use this. you will be credited.

DavidOrr responds:

Sure thing, can't wait to see it!


this is a fuckin beast, your just about as good as cajete himself.

S-Rock responds:

Thank you :D

this is great

Dude, i just listened to this song in my car with my memphis 12's, HOLY SHIT!!!! i just about pissed my pants!

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Hahah madd. I just imagine that so much!

lol at yo-- the madd bass!

Thanks for the review.
Glad you liked it.

-Cheers Brando

yo man

email me the full version, ive got a 2 Memphis 12's i want to put this to the test with. you can send it to pimpin_daddy_pimpin@yahoo.com, thanks man.

axeFX responds:

The full version needs ALOT of work still... and I really don't have the time these days.

really good!

I thought it was really good, it sounds as if it came directly from the game, i enjoyed it alot, however, some of the strings could have been a bit louder. other than that this was really good.

Dimoria responds:

Sweet ;) Glad you liked it :)

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