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your on the road that leads to the epic highway, just keep fallowing that road, and doing what your doing, and i guarantee you, and all the others working on this song, will take this song to the end of the road, and start speeding down the epic highway. good luck man.

this is great

Dude, i just listened to this song in my car with my memphis 12's, HOLY SHIT!!!! i just about pissed my pants!

Dj-Brand0 responds:

Hahah madd. I just imagine that so much!

lol at yo-- the madd bass!

Thanks for the review.
Glad you liked it.

-Cheers Brando


i dont listen to industrial very much, but this is by far the best ive heard, makes me want to hear more, keep it up.


Epic dude, i can tell this must have been hard to make, i feel your pain. keep it comin, ng is calling!!! \m/

yo man

email me the full version, ive got a 2 Memphis 12's i want to put this to the test with. you can send it to pimpin_daddy_pimpin@yahoo.com, thanks man.

axeFX responds:

The full version needs ALOT of work still... and I really don't have the time these days.


man i went online, and did some research about datura stramonium, and when i saw images of the plant and listened to this song, i felt like i was hullusinating right then and there. i thought the plant was trying to dance with me or something. this song is so freakin great!!!!!

really good!

I thought it was really good, it sounds as if it came directly from the game, i enjoyed it alot, however, some of the strings could have been a bit louder. other than that this was really good.

Dimoria responds:

Sweet ;) Glad you liked it :)

Like it

This is really good i like it alot, so much im going to download it. even favorite it, oh, and here is a title to think about, Angels in the clouds.

dj-KDUB responds:

Thanks! Glad you liked it. i like that title.


I'm Speechless, you have really inspired me on this, i hope i may be able to make something as great as this, i also wanted to ask you a question, im not big in to flash, but i am starting to become a machinima director, and was wondering if it would be ok to use this in a short film. pm me back with a response. keep up the good work, ya boi, ~DSK~

Druids-Warcry responds:

Well I'm Glad I could inspire you to express your self, and as far as a machinima, sure go ahead, just give equal Credit to F-777 when you post it up.


this is really good, but would sound a hell of a lot better if it were heavy metal.

rmenard responds:


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